About Us

UNiTAK's Story

Unitak is a product of young Iranian entrepreneurial thinking that takes steps towards a better future.

Unitak means Unique, the one and only!

Unitak’s Specialty is Handicrafts

Our mission at Unitak Group is to keep the handicraft industry alive and thriving.

And the the end…

Unitak is Crafting Nature into ART.

Direct jobs
Indirect jobs
square meters of production hall, packaging and warehouse
Knowledge base company and products

Zaer Gostar Mazand wood industry company with the brands UNiTAK, Karkai and ZWI, with more than 6000 square meters of production hall, packaging and warehouse and benefiting from 92 active personnel and also using the welfare workforce and the prison organization, has been able to create more than 1300 indirect jobs. to create in the field of entrepreneurship of our beloved country.

“Inflation control, growth in production”

The scope of the company’s work is the production of kitchen appliances (handicrafts), the specialized production of furniture bases and the production of coal through waste, and it has been able to put green production at the forefront of its strategic planning.

This company is a first-hand importer of wood from Georgia and Turkey and also benefits from the network of wood contractors in the north of Iran.

The products of this company are sold through wholesale distribution networks in the country, export, and also through chain stores such as Hyperme, Etka, Hamshahri, and also in the digital market.

The following are among the most important advantages of this company’s products:

1️⃣ Using high-quality raw materials as a result of using high-quality hardwoods such as beech and alder, which, in addition to the high quality of production and assembly, has caused the unique beauty of the products.

2️⃣ Production is done on an industrial scale and we have a high ability to meet the needs of our commercial customers.

3️⃣ Our products have 1 year warranty and unconditional customer support.

4️⃣Packaging of high quality and export products that guarantees the preservation of the quality and health of the goods during transportation.

5️⃣ We send our products for free and in the shortest possible time to all parts of our beloved Iran.

6️⃣ Our products are rare and rare. The production of kitchen products is based on the approach of meeting the needs and is designed to be completely functional. This has caused a great demand for these products in all stores of the country.