Unitak wooden tray Model Rasta code 86

Unitak wooden tray Model Rasta code 86


✳️ Made with the best hardwoods (beech and alder)

✳️ Durable and beautiful

✳️ Simple but at the same time very practical

✳️ Suitable for placing all kinds of mugs, glasses, coffee cups and…

✳️ Suitable for home, office environment and cafes and coffee shops


16 pieces per carton

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Unitak wooden tray Model Rasta code 86

Resta model wooden tray can be considered very practical at the same time and it is one of the handicrafts of good Iranian artists.

Unitak wooden tray Model Rasta code 86

Unitak wooden tray Model Rasta code 86 handcraft of Iranians.


This beautiful tray is box-shaped and rectangular. Its floor is arranged with a mixture of hardwoods such as beech and alder, and its handle is made of jute yarn.

We make this beautiful wooden tray at Unitak with dimensions of approximately 25 cm wide and 38-40 cm long with a height of 4 cm. This convenient size allows you to use it as a serving tray or breakfast tray, etc.

Wooden tray Rasta 86

Rasta model wooden tray with approximate dimensions of 25 x 40 x 4 is made in Unitak.


We used mixed hardwoods (beech and alder) to make this very beautiful wooden tray. Depending on the type of wood used, these trays range in color from light to dark. Each of Unitak’s wooden trays has a special design and color with unique characters, so we did not see the need to use artificial and harmful colors to cover it. The color of the trays is from the wood itself and no chemical dyes are used.

Wooden tray Rasta 86

Unitak wooden tray Model Rasta code 86 is suitable for serving and entertaining your guests.

This tray with the mentioned dimensions is perfectly suitable for use in home gatherings, cafes, offices and other places. Finally, please note that due to the use of different high-density woods, each tray is different and its color will not be exactly the same as the picture, and its color background is light to dark.

Unitak wooden tray Model Rasta code 86

Additional information

Dimensions 40 × 25 × 5 cm

یونیتک unitak


Self-coloring (natural wood color)




16 pieces

Production type

Carpentry (handicrafts)